Swordmage/Sword of Assault


[Name] was a child when she was brought to the library at Silverthorpe. She was taught as a child to channel her more destructive urges into a focused and deliberate fighting style by the chief librarian, an earthsoul genasi named Burgskan. Overtime, [Name] began to devour books about other places, of adventure and rich hordes of treasure. It became a lifelong dream to go out and see these things (write a book herself?) and experience the world she had read about.

Time and circumstance allowed that to happen. Always possessed of an urge to burn things, whether they were better off as ash or not, [Name] one day set fire to a part of the library that dealt with the ravages of the firesoul genasi of Calimshan. While some of the books were saved, others, not all of them to do with Calimshan, were irrevocably destroyed. [Name] was sent away from the library, equipped with what they could spare and with a blank journal and pen. She was told, lovingly by the chief librarian, to go and see what she might see. She was told other, less loving things, by other members of the order.


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