Psion/Cerulean Adept


Lurean grew up in Tarmalune, the jewel of returned Abeir. Her psionic talent manifested as she grew older and was honed over time into the weapon that it is. She delights in the use of her power to manipulate the world around her.

While adventuring, she was quite suddenly assaulted by dreams of a monster more terrifying than any she and her companions had encountered. It was a monster of terrible power, a great beast seeking to devour not just the world, but this universe and all others. The dreams plagued her until the party happened upon a strange book in a cache of lost texts stored in a roving earth mote. The book detailed the Cerulean Order, a group of psions who defend reality from threats from the void, the other, or the far realm (the name used varies). The book detailed seven seals.

After reading the book, a subtle change began to come over Lureran. In her dreams, the monster slowly grew weaker as if something was holding it back. The dreams then began to impose on her waking mind. Originally, it was sudden glimpses of the ravening beast, railing against unseen restraints. Over time, however, it became a tension. It was less like she was seeing the beast and more like she was holding it back…like the restraints that held the beast in check were over her own creation and control. Now, it is a tension, her mind constantly connected to the magic that protects reality. The constant tension, combined with the occasionally vivid dreams of the beast’s potential have worked a change on Lureran. She is just the slightest bit off, with a different perception of the world around her than most.


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