The Color of Insanity

Day before tomorrow...

Heroic things the party has accomplished thus far…

Saved Tarmalune from a plague of wererat lycanthropy that was starting. Leaders knew of their contribution, some among the general populace did, most did not. This is where the party was formed. The Tax-Assessor’s Guild was infiltrated by a gnomish were-rat. It was first noticed by some among the lower classes that the Assessors were demanding more and more of their payment in food rather than coin. Then it was noticed by some among the merchants that tariffs on dairy products were getting more onerous. It was not long before the plague began to spread among the lower classes and people that the characters were familiar with began to suffer more directly for the dark curse. The party rallied quickly, utilizing newly forged contacts among the merchants and thieves to secure an alchemical cure for the malaise. People being what they are, the next confrontation was between the party and their supposed allies on how, or how-much rather, to give the populace. While they squabbled, a Government Committee, chaired by the Chief-Assessor announced its plans to give medicine to the people for free. The Universal Were-care was announced, much to the elation of the people in cheapside.

The Were-care was a fraud, however, the medicine merely water tainted with lycanthropy carried by the Assessor’s themselves. The plot, quickly uncovered by the party’s judicious and poignant use of force against one of the captured wererats, was quietly put to an end by further use of lethal force against the infected Tax-Assessor’s. The purge was very discreet, or perhaps no one cared that the tax men were disappearing. At any rate, all of this passed without general panic. The people directly affected were aware, as was the patron of Tarmalune, but the general populace remained blissfully ignorant. Of course, no favors from the government of Tarmalune will be forthcoming…the cannot be expected to give credence to the idea that their Assessor’s guild was corrupt, can they?

The party, traveling to the Swordlands, happened upon a city called Megrin. A small town, perhaps 4000 people, Megrin was bustling with all of the wrong sorts of people. How many boxing promoters, undertakers, bounty-hunters and groupies can such a town possibly need? The party, owing to their inexorable curiosity in the presence of so much obviously ill-gotten wealth, investigated. A few questions in the right ears, and they were turned onto an illegal pit-fighting ring operating within the city. The purses were really quite large and it swiftly became apparent that money and fighters were pouring in from elsewhere. Little time passed before the parties, afoul of the local organizers, decided to break-up the booming business.

3)Reclaimed cache of swordmage lore from an earth mote thought lost during the year of blue fire.

4)Stopped a group of insane plague-tainted eladrin zombies who were stealing children in the Windrise Ports.

5)Broke up tiefling horn smuggling ring.

6)Mis-Miss rescue. (Evil stepmother rather than princess?)

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